Release dev-2022-02

New Language Features #


New Compiler Features #

  • Add #no_type_assert and #type_assert to disable implicit type assertions with x.(T)
  • Add ODIN_ERROR_POS_STYLE constant and -error-pos-style:<string> option to allow for default or unix style error messages

Compiler Improvements #

  • Correct debug information logic for procedure parameters
  • General improvements to odin doc support the new
  • Correct //+private for odin doc
  • Make ODIN_ENDIAN a constant enum value rather than a string
  • Rename architecture 386 to i386
  • Improve entry code handling to support more platforms easily in the future
  • Improve/simplify quaternion casting

New Packages #

  • core:container/lru
  • Rename core:path to core:path/slashpath

Package Improvements #

  • slice.stable_sort* procedures
  • Add allocator parameter to rand.perm
  • rand.exp_float64
  • strings.split_lines* procedures