Release dev-2021-12

New Language Features #

  • Allow casting from floats to complex numbers and quaternions
  • @(linkage=<string>) for procedures and variables
  • @(require) for procedures
  • #load_hash(<filepath>, <string-hash-kind>)
  • -target:js_wasm32 target (custom Web JavaScript runtime to run Odin executables)

New Compiler Features #

  • Add ODIN_NO_CRT global boolean constant
  • Add ODIN_BUILD_MODE global string constant
  • Allow compilation of assembly files on Windows through nasm.exe in conjunction with the foreign import system (.asm, .s, .S files)
  • -extra-assembler-flags:<string>
  • -timings-export:<string>

Compiler Improvements #

  • Improve matrix related operations
  • Correctly support -default-to-nil-allocator for all platforms
  • -no-crt improvements on Windows
  • General wasm32 improvements
  • Internal compiler (not language) improvements to data structures
  • Improve compilation passes on LLVM 12.0.1 and LLVM 13.0.0 (compiler still defaults to LLVM 11.1.0)
  • Correct x in ptr logic
  • Numerous bug fixes

New Packages #

  • vendor:raylib version 4.0
  • core:math/linalg/glsl - GLSL-like mathematics types and operations
  • core:math/linalg/hlsl - HLSL-like mathematics types and operations

Package Improvements #

  • Make math procedures contextless
  • Add asinh , acosh, atanh
  • Represent matrices in fmt as expected
  • Make runtime builtin matrix procedures contextless
  • package runtime linkage improvements
  • linalg.matrix4_look_at_from_fru
  • Implement math.ldexp and math.frexp in native Odin
  • Add log1p, erf, erfc, ilogb, logb nextafter, gamma, lgamma, signbitto core:math
  • Add support for darwin to core:c/libc
  • Add numerous new core:crypto packages
  • Add os.read_at_least and os.read_full utility procedures
  • Correct reading from a console on Windows