Release dev-2022-01

New Language Features #


New Compiler Features #


Compiler Improvements #

  • Correct odin doc default parameter value init_string generation
  • Improve debug symbol retention with -debug -o:minimal
  • Disallow @(static) and @(thread_local) within defer statements
  • Improvements for Darwin ARM64 support
  • Improved float to quaternion conversion support
  • Improved global when handling

New Packages #

  • Replace core:container with new packages
  • core:container/bit_array
  • core:container/priority_queue
  • core:container/queue
  • core:container/small_array

Package Improvements #

  • Improvements to core:math/big
  • Improvements to core:odin/parser
  • Make strconv more robust
  • Fix typo in core:json/encoding from unmarshall to unmarshal
  • Remove the extra hidden 0 terminator from strings.clone and bytes.clone which was there for very old legacy reasons, prefer strings.clone_to_cstring when that behaviour is needed
  • Fix strings.fields_proc and strings.index_any
  • Fix
  • Add hash.djbx33a
  • Add sort.map_entries_by_key and sort.map_entries_by_value