Release dev-2022-03

New Language Features #

  • [Enum]Type{...} checks for missing enumerated fields in a compound literal by default
    • Opt-out with #partial [Enum]Type{...}
  • #sparse[Enum]Type for non-contiguous enum fields used in an enumerated array type
    • #partial #sparse[Enum]Type{...} can be combined to allow for missing fields in a sparse enumerated array compound literal

New Compiler Features #

  • OpenBSD support
  • Objective-C Runtime Intrinsics
    • intrinsics.objc_send
    • intrinsics.find_selector
    • intrinsics.find_class
    • intrinsics.register_selector (only required when creating Objective-C classes at runtime)
    • intrinsics.register_class (only required when creating Objective-C classes at runtime)
  • intrinsics.constant_utf16_cstring

Compiler Improvements #

  • //+private file support
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Removal of context.user_data
    • Prefer context.user_ptr

New Packages #

Package Improvements #

  • core:mem/virtual Linux Support
  • Add is_16_bit_from_memory to vendor:stb/image