Release note highlights #

  • raw_data was made an intrinsic, resulting in a speedup for slice heavy code.
  • transmute can now be used on integer constants of the same internal endianness.
  • Static_Arena and Growing_Arena have been unified into Arena, along with many other improvements to core:mem/virtual.
  • Heavily improve time handling on Windows for and os.File_Info.
  • And much more!

Interview with Skytrias, author of Todool #

Q: Why don’t we begin with you telling us a bit about how you found out about Odin.

A: I watched Handmade Hero and found the Handmade Network site - which hosted a bunch of projects. After some game development I wanted to try making my own engine like Handmade Hero did but didn’t like C - so I searched through Handmade Network for some system languages. That’s where I found out about Odin’s. 🙂

Q: And what attracted you to it?

A: GB linked to some YouTube videos where he went through several features and you can see how clean the language already was back then.

Q: And so you gave it a real punt. Fast forwarding, you started working on Todool. Did you decide to write Todool in Odin because you were comfortable with the language, as an extended exercise to improve your mastery of the language, a bit of both? And were there other factors that made you choose Odin for what is intended to be a commercial project?

A: In 2020 I went back and forth between Rust and Odin for several small games/clones I did. Ever since then I stuck with Odin - so I had prior experience with it before I started working on Todool.

The thing I like about Odin is how simple it is to use. You can keep all of it in your head and make use of its core library - which follows the simplicity of Handmade Hero.

Another thing I liked was the simple compiler commands (build | run | check) and the lack of a package manager.

Nowadays I really appreciate the C binding model in Odin but also how close to C code looks when ported over from it in entirety (like single-header stb libraries).

Q: What would you say your favorite thing about Odin is, and what would you say could be improved? This could be a feature, syntax, the community, documentation, tooling, anything and everything related to working with Odin that you really like and think could use some love, respectively, and why?

A: Definitely the core library. You have all the power at your fingertips - from doing various encodings, string manipulation, formatting, etc.

The core library could also use some more love/help from the community. There are a few unfinished packages and code that needs more fixing/testing.

Q: We’ve enjoyed your Todool progress updates in #showcase on our Discord and your YT channel. Is there a site people can pre-order it at?

A: Todool will be available soon on

The bigger tasks on the Todool roadmap are:

  • Date/Time management
  • Agenda View
  • Improved searching/pattern matching through regex (new core library)
  • Filtering system of tasks
  • Performance optimization on large files
  • And more!

Q: Was there anything you wanted to say about Odin or Todool in addition to this? Any sage advice to newcomers to the language?

A: I’m pretty happy with Odin as a whole. I wish we had more compiler developers so it would make GB’s life easier.

The best way to currently learn Odin is to dive through the overview and try out the core library packages. I’d recommend starting a few small projects with all the knowledge you gain after each iteration.

From cstring:

To Action Code
string alias string(st)
[^]u8 alias transmute([^]u8)st