Package Updates #

laytan has been implementing Non-Blocking IO into odin-http. Here is what he shared on our Discord.

Just merged the non-blocking IO branch into odin-http for faster and less resource intensive IO.
Darwin uses kqueue
Linux uses io_uring
Windows uses a thread pool (IOCP in the future but I am out of juice and wanted it merged)
All in a nice event-loop based abstraction.

Blog Posts #

Discord User Charlie has uploaded a blog on their 2022 prototypes done in odin. It looks like a good showcase of Physics and also shows SIMD usage.

New Bindings / Ports #

  • shm_queue Thread safe Queue port from go - 0xULT
  • lmdb Bindings to LMDB - Skytrias
  • bass Bindings to BASS audio - elvodqa
  • ufbx Bindings to ufbx - Charlie

New Packages #

  • obacktracing An abstraction around the libc backtrace API for Odin providing manual backtraces and a tracking allocator that keeps backtraces. - laytan
  • journey_ecs Sparse set ecs - Raigon
  • metal_window Odin Minimal Metal Window - Perlind
  • ClOdin simple command-line argument parsing package - ∆V

Categories #

This month we’ll try sorting showcase material by categories. Let us know how you like it.

  • Game Development
  • Tools & UI
  • Graphic
  • Miscellaneous

Game Development #

Tween stick shooter prototype running on Steam Deck - varomix


Navigation with navigation meshes and A star - Francis_the_cat

pathfinding demo: implemented A* on a block chunk generator - sandwichman Github

I just started working on AI for my racing game and it's kinda hilarious how bad it is right now 😂 - CasualKyle

Cat game progress! animated friendly waterfall and liftoff sequence - karl_zylinski

raylib FPS player controller example with triangle collision - jakubtomsu (Jacob) Gist

Starting on a level editor for a new game project. Just got camera controls and area selection working - _brian

Tools & UI #

Working on multiline text widgets turned into a code editor - markersniffen

(M)SDF atlas exporting + json output 🎉 - Skytrias

visualization of exp(z) for an arbitrary complex number z that I made in my Desmos adjacent graphing app written in Odin and embedding luajit - master jonsie

Graphics #

OpenGL bindings generator similar to - The Lua Whisperer Github

Polygon Triangulation so I can add a fill color to shapes 🔺 - varomix

2D jello crate simulator running on Android - Moritz Falk

Miscellaneous #


HMH - Day 213. 12k lines of Odin - V/A

First time kqueue doesn't segfault trying to do non blocking IO in odin-http 🎊


After a little bit of linking headache, working bindings for Cyber!!! - Scoobery Doobery