Compiler Updates #

Only minor fixes and additions to the core library. Monthly Release

YouTube #

As always Karl Zylinski and Rickard Andersson are continuously uploading content on Odin. Great to see people using & sharing it!

Events #

Handmade Seattle happened two weeks ago! Bill had a chat with Abner Coimbre, the organizer of Handmade Seattle.

Orca #

Handmade Seattle hosted multiple amazing demos. There was one which I needed to mention is Orca by Martin Fouilleul.

WebAssembly apps without the web.
A brand-new stack for cross-platform apps.

There was also Q&A session afterwards here

Orca & Odin #

As Orca only requires developers to export a .wasm module, writing Orca applications is a straightforward process! Naturally, Odin supports this feature, as demonstrated with wasm4.

Here are the first few sample demos converted from C to Odin, utilizing the C bindings. While it’s functional, there are still a few details we need to iron out for smoother out-of-the-box performance. We hope to have everyone try it out this December.

I’m genuinely excited about Orca and eager to see its development path!


got the first full example to work 🎉 - Skytrias


orca breakout example also works now 🎉 - Skytrias

orca fluid sim example working 🎉 - Skytrias

Community Showcase #

Happy holidays, coders! May your code be bug-free, your functions optimized, and your New Year full of tech triumphs. Cheers to a season of joyful coding! 🎄✨

Here are the Discord #showcase posts from this month.

Miscellaneous #


Nothing special, just odin and raylib running on android - Cristhofer


Next Feature for the JetBrains Plugin: Code Completion. Getting this right, will be a challenge, but planning on doing small, incremental releases, if it is possible - obiwan87

Game Development #

little tool to help practise getting a specific input on a game controller at a specific timing window - Krzysztoφορος


Just got started playing with Odin a few days ago and made a simple planetarium sim thing - Spyingwind


been working on a "voxel" engine called Wolfoid - JerryVoxalot

Enjoying debug visualizations - davidcergizan

Working on a short spooky cave escape game with Raylib! - robert

yet another minecraft clone - kavalee

shoving in placeholder sound and of course the placeholder music - Krzysztoφορος

Hello everyone, heres the latest update on our 2D game engine called Gemini. Right now we are working to add in a built in code editor - ScottCastle

I wanted to take advantage of mipmaps when doing voxel ray tracing in my lighting system to traverse empty spaces faster, but had trouble figuring it out on paper - Moritz Falk

seeing @Moritz Falk's cool lighting demo reminded me of this demo I did for my minecraft clone cave lighting using my own raylibish thing - kavalee

Been hard at work with our 2D engine Gemini. Had some issues with animations not working but finally got it down pretty well... - ScottCastle

Completely rewrote my game - JerryVoxalot

got frame advance, training mode options, and some frame data display working - Krzysztoφορος

Graphics #


Nothing special, just odin and raylib running on android - Cristhofer

Finished a basic audio system for my game project. The little death sequence is my first stab at implementing a way to chain events together - davidcergizan

Octahedral mapping visualization, this took like 20 minutes to write thanks to Odin and Raylib - Jakub


Feeling a bit silly so I Use The Windows API For Window Creation and OpenGL. Took me 2 days to find out that you need to find out that when creating the OpenGL Context in Win32 API, you start at the oldest version of OpenGL... - tekkuniku


Found an interesting WASM-based fantasy console for myself to explore with ODIN - Microw8 320x240 screen, 256kb RAM and 256kb maximum binary size - Nefrace


Added a little in game editor, blood, some bloom and speedlines, not that much bc of school :/ - Francis_the_cat

Got animations finally working after over half a month of trying to get it to work. tbh I feel really stupid but I am just happy it works - Sabe


stb truetype + software rendering with jo - pJotoro


nothing particularly notable, but happy to be back to programming after a summer off. Bowyer-Watson Delunuay implementation - mjolnir

first successful test of ~completed ffmpeg bindings! - Robert314

cat is literally in space - karl_zylinski

Tools & UI #

Been working on a node-based digital synthesizer/looper for the past few weeks (or months?). I 've always loved node-based software, and I had wondered if it would make sense for audio performance/production. - markersniffen

Custom GUI framework made with Odin - flysand

I had this idea for a command-line engine for a while and decided to put it in practice. Once the root of the engine is put into your path, you can use it from anywhere to initialize new projects quickly via oxse init *-quick* - The Lua Whisperer


Added MenuBar to Winforms. Here is the code and output. 🙂 - kcvinker