A cozy and whimsical short cat adventure game! It is fully written in Odin with raylib.

Release Trailer #

Why Odin? #

Odin was chosen because it was “low level with a high level feeling”, meaning that it was possible to do all the low stuff one would normally do in C while also empowering creative gameplay programming through Odin’s modern features.

Development Videos #

On the Zylinski Games YouTube channel you’ll find many videos with details on how the game was made. There are also many past live streams. Some videos are specific to the game while others are more general Odin videos.

Want to play? #

You can buy the game on itch.io: https://zylinski.itch.io/cat-and-onion.

When you buy it on itch you also get a drop of the full Odin source code and all source assets, so you can see how it was made. Source code features that might be interesting are things such as hot reloading of gameplay code and homemade editor tools using a homemade IMGUI.

The game is also coming out on Steam in Q1 2024: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2781210/CAT__ONION/