Solar Storm is a retro turn-based artillery shooter with tons of explosions and unique weapons. It’s inspired by local multiplayer games from the 90s, such as Worms or Scorched Earth.

Demo Trailer #

Custom Odin Engine #

The game is written from scratch in Odin, which was chosen because of it’s simplicity.

The engine has many features, such as:

  • code and shader hotreloading
  • fast instanced rendering
  • procedural destructible terrain
  • continuous collision
  • localization system
  • Steam API integration
  • FMOD Studio integration
  • custom immediate-mode GUI with both mouse and controller support

Zero memory allocations #

The game itself doesn’t do any dynamic memory allocations at runtime. All of the memory for the game state is statically allocated, most common datastructure is a custom static array. This is not only great for simplicity, but also for performance, stability and predictability. The game also heavily uses context.temp_allocator, which along with external C libraries is the only source of dynamic memory allocations.

Sokol #

The game engine is built on Sokol, which is a set of STB-style C/C++ libraries. In particular sokol_app for a cross-platform OS interface, and sokol_gfx for rendering API abstraction. All of the shaders in the game are compiled with sokol-shdc, which is a cross-platform shader compiler for sokol_gfx. Sokol has official Odin bindings, which makes it ideal for game and engine development in Odin!

Play on Steam! #

You can play a free demo on Steam:

The full version is coming in Q1 2024.