Spall is a fast, easy-to-use profiler, on the web, and natively on your computer

Want to try it? #

Check out Spall Web

What is Spall? #

Spall is a tool for viewing traces that runs in your browser, and a small header-only C library for tracing your projects.

The Short Notes #

  • Supports chrome, dtrace and C/C++ backends
  • Runs as fast as your monitor does
  • Can handle up to 2 GB JSON traces
  • Supports chrome devtools sampling data
  • Gives you handy runtime stats

Spall demoed live at the Handmade Seattle conference, going head-to-head against perfetto, and handily won, with buttery smooth frames and tiny load-times for huge files!

Want more? #

Need bigger traces, or more data about your data? We’ve got a native version on

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