Ever wanted an easier life managing To-Do lists? Todool is a full blown environment for managing large trees of task lists.

Todool is still in active development, so instead of claiming things, here’s a list of things that already exist.


  • Auto layout
  • Task States for progression
    • Autocomplete parent based on children
  • Progression statistics (i.e. 1/4 done)
  • Commands based on tasks and their children


  • One-Draw-Call Rendering of the full editor
  • Made in Odin with GLFW + OpenGL + stbtruetype
  • no web tech


  • Custom binary de/serialization of all tree & view data
  • Save file includes everything, even the Options, Theme, Keymap, …
  • Release Date set for Q1-Q2 in 2022

Discussion can be held on the forums / blogs / Discord